Sunday, February 6, 2011

Swag Bucks - The Internet's Most Valuable Digital Dollar!

Ever wished you could make a little extra money online? Ever wanted to treat yourself to that little something extra but felt too guilty to spend the dough? Well now you can and trust me because I HAVE!!

Now you will definitely not live off of Swag Bucks (sometimes referred to as 'SBs') or even make enough to pay your rent. However you can make it through your entire Christmas holiday season without spending a dime on presents or splurge on that something extra. For instance my recent weakness is Urban Decay makeup, which goes for $17 an eyeliner! Well, I've decided I want a collection. The good thing is, I know how I can get my makeup for a lot less money out of pocket than if I didn't have Swag Bucks! There are three ways in which I can use Swag Bucks to help me save money during my shopping experience. First I can earn Swag Bucks by buying the makeup. Or I can choose to pay with Swag Bucks I have previously earned. Lastly, there is even a way to do both at the same time, costing me no money out of pocket and earning my digital $$$ at the same time.

Scenario #1 (EARN SBs): I buy My Urban Decay makeup through a store that partners with Swag Bucks. For instance, I like Ulta because they often have coupon codes that I find on , and because I can earn 2 Swag Bucks for every $1 dollar I spend. Every store you see there on Swag Bucks currently offers the 2 SBs for every $1 spent. To find out where you can get in on scenario #1, follow these directions: Once you have signed into Swag Bucks you can find which stores you can earn Swag Bucks through by going to the top of the web page along the toolbar to "more." Then go to "Even More." Next, go to the bottom right and click on "Shop & Earn." There you will see a text box where you can either search for your store, or you can select a store from the drop down menu. There are also choices on the side so that you can browse shops by category.

Scenario #2 (PAY w/SBs): I buy my Urban Decay through using the Amazon gift cards bought only with Swag Bucks. On the Swag Bucks site one of the best value prizes is the $5 Amazon gift card for only 450 SBs. Though they do offer other ones of higher monetary value, the $5 one is the best value. There are other options, but I will get more into that later. Rewards are located in the Swag Store. The link can be seen on the left hand side of your home page. You can narrow it down to just gift cards. Prizes are defaulted to list from those that cost the least SBs to those that cost the most in case you are ever having trouble locating it, it is one of the lowest costing gift cards though there are many to choose from. This way I can just accumulate enough $$$ in gift cards to cover my entire costs through Amazon.

Scenario #3 (EARN SBs and PAY w/SBs at the same time): This will cost you a few more Swag Bucks than using an gift card, but it gives you the best of both worlds and costs no money out of pocket. The closest way to actually getting money in your pocket through Swag Bucks is by buying  PayPal gift cards which cost 700 SBs. This way you can use the money accrued through PayPal to buy my Urban Decay through and earn 2 SBs for every $1 I spend while doing it. Not too bad, huh?

So as you can see, Swag Bucks has helped me out a lot and can help you, too. However, this is JUST the tip of the iceberg! I will be explaining a lot more about how to earn and utilize Swag Bucks in the near future so stay tuned!

NOTE: This blog is in no way affiliated with or any of it's partners. It represents the ideas and experiences of the author only, Colleen R.

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