Wednesday, February 9, 2011

More Ways to Win with Swag Bucks!

Here I have included more ways to win Swag Bucks that were not included in the previous post. They are just as easy as the ones mentioned before, so read on to get your earn on!

#10 Coupons: Use coupons? Yes? No? Then you've just earned yourself another simple way to earn Swag Bucks. Even if you don't use coupons, I suggest doing this and placing the coupon near the product so that someone else uses it. Each redeemed coupon (must actually be used, not just printed) gives you 10 SBs. Clearly, coupons can be extremely lucrative when it comes to Swag Bucks. Just go to Earn -> Coupons. On this page you will see the beginning of the coupons (it goes on for pages) that you can then print and redeem. If you have printed from before, you will notice it is the same. If you have never printed coupons you will be prompted to download a '"coupon printer." Don't let this scare you, they download very fast and are extremely safe. My Norton even popped up clearing the program for download. Please note that points accrued from coupons will take 8-12 weeks to process to your account.
**Remember, you can always find out what points have been made and how by hovering your cursor over your name in the top right hand corner on the Swag Bucks website until you see the dropdown menu. from here, click on "My Swag Bucks." Now you will see your total SBs. Look right above this and there will be a tab labeled "ledger." Click that. It will look something like this:
My Swag Bucks account ledger
#11 Games: Games are fairly new to Swag Bucks and I hope it is eventually expanded upon with better games and ways to earn. For right now though, you can either play games to randomly earn Swag Bucks here and there just for playing or enter into tournaments which cost Swag Bucks but if you win the pot will be much sweeter. I rarely play games honestly they are easy but can sometimes feel like a waste of time and I have never entered a tournament.

#12 Trade Ins: You can now trade in your phones, mp3 players, books, and video games and consoles to earn Swag Bucks. Just go to Earn-> Swag Bucks where you can find your product. There it will tell you how many Swag Bucks you would earn if you traded in your item. You can also print out a free shipping label so it costs nothing out of pocket and you can recycle you old things. I even noticed you can trade in defective console systems for Swag Bucks (better than the trash, right?).

#13 Codes: Swag Bucks frequently puts out codes that can simply be redeemed by going to their home page and typing it in the text box on the right hand side under "Enter Your Swag Code." Swag Codes sometimes appear on the Swag Blog. If they are on the blog they usually look something like this: AuX29BJjr36 (a combination of upper/lower case as well as alpha/numerics). *ALL codes are case sensitive* Codes can also be released via their facebook and twitter pages. There are sometimes "clues" where The Swag Guy will release a clue such as 'What is an 8 letter word that can be used in place of 'tax?' One letter is capitalized' and you have to figure it out and guess the capitalized letter until you get it right. Other times they have put two letters on the blog, two letter on their fb page, and two letters on Twitter. You then have to unscramble them yourself. The 'hunt' is supposed to be fun and sometimes is though I found myself frustrated when I couldnt figure out the names of the last two girls eliminated from The Bachelor the prior week. I was seconds late.
**Never put an active code on the fb page, or any page, or tweet about the answer (you can still say that there IS one and where, just not what it is). Swag Bucks will ban you from their page and possibly suspend your account.

More Posts to come!

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